Open Source Projects from Smithee, Spelvin, Agnew & Plinge

Smithee, Spelvin, Agnew & Plinge is a full-service consulting company specialising in delivering high-function identity management solutions to customers on time and under budget. As part of our operations, we frequently write "enabling software" which would benefit the tech community. We use a fair amount of open source software ourselves, so we think it's only fair we give back.

GitHub Repos

We generally publish our open source projects as GitHub repositories. You can find a list of our "repos" at For more information about the GIT version control system, we recommend Scott Chacon's Pro Git (which you can read free of charge.)


Larb is a Virtual Machine appliance with a pre-configured node.js development environment. Current versions of Larb are based on Debian and are distributed asVirtualBox appliances. Larb creates a "host only" network on the developer's machine and exposes a Samba / CIFS / SMB file server. This allows developers to use their favorite development IDEs on their preferred Operating System while using a consistent execution environment for Node applications they develop.

Larb may be run as a "stock" VirtualBox appliance, or may be installed with Vagrant.

Larb was named after the project manager's favorite Lao minced meat salad. It is also the official interjection of the Larb development team (as in "Oh Larb! Why does VirtualBox do such strange things, sometimes!")

Project Tin

Project Tin is a collection of node.js modules we developed to support Larb. Project Tin packages solve common problems for Node developer ranging from logging to quickly deploying a connect.js skeletal app to simplified access to MySQL or MongoDB data sources.